Nonduality Meetings:

Meeting in the Heart (Satsang) with Janak is an invitation to rest from the distracted mind, from even the questioning and the knowing. It is a meditative space where we may enter into the deep silence or “interior prayer,” there to recognise the heart of our being as Divine Presence.

Satsang, a Sanskrit word, means Unity with Truth. It is where we come together with the united purpose of Being Truth. It is an opportunity to perceive your essential nature beyond ideas and appearances – to realise yourself as Pure Awareness, the breath of God itself, pure Grace.

Just as the Divine sees only itself, Satsang knows only Grace. Such a blessing it is to be in the presence of one who wills us to awaken!


Satsang is held periodically.

For more information, please contact Janak.

Minimum donation $10

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