Janak, spiritual master and mentor

There is only Consciousness, and you are That.

Geoffrey - also known as Janak - speaks of this reality through the eclectic expressions of Advaita Vedanta and Christian Mysticism. Truth is true, regardless of the language that attempts to express it.

Geoffrey is (like everyone) an ordinary soul; he has, however, travelled an extraordinary journey through spiritual cultures and sacred places; from the gurus and sadhus of India, to the Lamas of Tibet, to the mystics of Western Christianity. This has lent him a depth of spiritual insight that expresses itself through him.

He is a spiritual mentor, a fellow saunterer and pilgrim on the pathless path of spirituality. He refuses to be a master; instead he is a servant, as if preparing a table from which the hungry may partake if they so wish.

Not a teacher in the literal sense, he is an encourager, reminding you of your divine Self: the Consciousness illuminating the Cave of the Heart.

From the ancient traditions of India, through silence and dialogue Geoffrey points to the direct perception that indivisible (divine) Consciousness alone is the absolute reality; indeed your true and inherent nature.

Using the imagery of the wisdom expounded by the Christ, he points to the kingdom of God within and amongst you. The Western world has inherited the tradition of Christianity, and due to the workings of religion many of us have been wounded, and seek healing in the traditions of the East. Having gone through a similar experience, Geoffrey is able to offer a profound insight to the depth of spirituality that remains almost entirely hidden from the commonly practiced religion in the West, equal in depth to the spirituality of the Eastern traditions.

He feels that buried deep in the Western psyche is knowledge of the Christ. Attention given to the direct wisdom as taught by Yeshua (Jesus) will lead to the healing and liberation that many seek through Buddhism and Hinduism.

The Christ is the Buddha of the Western world. This mystical insight inspires Geoffrey, and he extends this insight to guide seekers to the unitive “I AM” consciousness of the Christ – oneness with God and oneness with humanity.

“I and the Father are one”, and “I am Brahman” are expressions of the same wholeness of Being.

Geoffrey is humbled and grateful for the moments of sharing that occur in “Satsang”, the meeting together in the embrace of Truth. In Auckland, New Zealand, meetings are held where the focus is on knowing oneself as the light of Consciousness that illuminates all.


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© Geoffrey Neill 2017.

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